Friday, June 26, 2015

Twelve Year-Old Boy has Agritourism Business

Meet Cameron, a twelve year old who began his agritourism business to buy an X-Box. With his parents help, Cameron started a garden and sold at a road side stand to buy his X-Box.

Cameron and his family are in their third year of gardening.

To learn more about agritourism click here.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Festival Celebrates Peach Harvest in Ruston

The Mitchum Family started growing peaches in 1946 in Ruston and shortly there after the festival began to celebrate the yearly  peach harvest. Today other growers in the area contribute to the market.

Festivals contribute to agritourism and provide opportunities for people to visit your agritourism venues. I recently took a field trip to Mitchums and the owner took us on a tour from harvest to boxing. It was a fun-filled day and one that most people would enjoy. So, create your own version and get started with your agritourism operation.

The peaches are ripe and ready, so travel to Ruston for the Peach Fest on June 26-27th.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Consider Expanding Your Agritourim Operation Through Summer Months

The summertime is a perfect time to launch an agritourism activity. Children are out of school and need something exciting to do. Consider hosting an event on your farm for a day
or for a week. Teach them how to plant, harvest or prepare foods straight from the garden. Imagine their excitement when they return home with a jar of jelly made from the berries they picked. To learn more about how to start an agritourism enterprise, click here.