Thursday, December 8, 2016

Facebook Helps Swedish Group Find McKowen Farm

In a recent post, I shared that Amelia Kent and a group of Swedish youth were touring America. Quite by accident Keller McKowen, husband of Roberta McKowen, met them while they were at the Richland Tractor Equipment store. Keller invited them to the farm and later learned that they had been following their farm's Herding Facebook page and Louisiana Ranchers and Growers Association's page.

The McKowen farm is in lambing season so that came to see.
These young  Swedish women are touring the world examining Ag practices because they will take over their family businesses one day. 

Roberta showed them fiber arts, cheese making  and  no till agriculture . 

Swedish Youth Farm Tour

The Swedish Youth Farm Tour made a stop at Roberta McKowen, DVM's Grass Fed Lamb and Beef  Agritourism Operation. They  showcased , Louisiana Ranchers and Growers Association, farm management strategies promoting  wildlife and sustainable soil; and diversified income streams  through agritourism.