Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Forestry Lands Offer Tourism Opportunities

Our vast forestry lands in the state of Louisiana offer an opportunity for diversified incomes. A landowner can plant trees, harvest and lease for hunting purposes. These are great traditional uses for the land, but today our forests offer another opportunity: agritourism. In this article we will explore how you can make money while your trees grow.

Tourists seeking agricultural venues are increasing in the United States. People are seeking these opportunities because they “want a respite from life,” “want to get back in touch with nature,” and want to show their children and grandchildren the beauty of the earth.”

Travelers enjoy staying in remote locations, so a cabin in the woods with access to a fishing pond would be perfect. Add some horses for riding trail adventures and it’s a perfect get-away. For those who want to stay longer than a weekend, scout out areas on your property where visitors can view wildlife and birds. Some of your guests may want to camp in the woods and have a fire for cooking, while others may be happier with a nice cabin. Be prepared to accommodate everyone’s wish list for a perfect time in the woods.

Hiking on agricultural lands, especially in a wooded area could also be a real treat for the person whose daily life is surrounded by a concrete jungle. Riding all-terrain vehicles may be another addition welcomed by the traveler who is not comfortable on horseback.

For the adventurer, try geocaching. Hide caches (container with something in it) throughout your forested area and provide global positioning system (GPS) coordinates for their location. The game is to see who can arrive at the location and find the cache.

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