Thursday, July 26, 2012

WesMar Gets Highway Sign

Congratulations to WesMar Dairy Farm. Their new road signs located on Highway 1 and on Bayou des Glaises Street in Moreauville look great as you can see. WesMar Farms met the eligibility criteria for participating in the LA DOTD "Louisiana Tourist Oriented Directional Sign Program." Marguerite Constantine, owner of WesMar, provided me with the following information: "Qualifications, manufacturing and installation of the signs are administered by the Louisiana Department of Transportation through Louisiana Interstate Logos. That website: or by telephone 1-877-309-3078. This should be your first point of contact." La Interstate Logos conducts the inspections and site visits to determine eligibility, measure distances, etc. If the site qualifies, they work with the owner/operator to design the appropriate sign. Once the sign is approved by the owner and fees paid, the paperwork is forwarded to LaDOTD for final approval. Once approved, the signs are manufactured and installed.

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