Friday, February 15, 2013

Social Media Workshop Webinar

I attended the webinar offered by eXtension on February 14th. Thanks to technology, that webinar, "Cool Tools and Top Ten Trends" is now available online.  Although you cannot ask questions, this webinar provides ample information.  

Julie Fox of Ohio State shares lots of important facts.

Information shared during the workshop that might be beneficial to you included the following:

GPS cordinates:   Go to Google maps, place sursor on the location you want, right click, select "what's here" in the drop down menu, your digital coordinates will appear in the box where you would have typed in the address.  Then if you want go to to convert to other coordinate formats

QR Codes: You can also customize QR codes to a certain degree with colors/logo elements: For free QR codes: for creating QR codes - it allows you to edit codes, track usages, etc also offers the ability to create free QR codes


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