Monday, March 4, 2013

Use Land Assets for Tourism

Plan to make money this summer by using your land assets for tourism. If you are an agricultural landowner, consider choosing operations covered by the 2008 agritourism limited liability law. A copy of the law and an explanation of the law can be found at

Starting a summer business in agritourism is a great way to teach children the “ABC’s” of starting a small business. Keep the investment small and engage family members to be employees of the enterprise and to share in the profits.

If you need start-up money, consider self-financing or  contact your Farm Service Agency about applying for a loan. In January of 2013, USDA announced microloans for qualifying operations. These loans are repayable at a rate of 1.25 percent monthly with a maximum loan amount of $35,000.

For those who qualify, the loan can help begin or enhance an existing operation.  The loan application process has been shortened with a more simplified application when compared with traditional farm loans.

According to a recent news article released by USDA, these loans can be used for start-up expenses such as hoop houses to extend the growing season, essential tools, irrigation, delivery vehicles, and annual expenses such as seed fertilizer, utilities, land rents, marketing and distribution expenses.


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