Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun Activities to Try for Summertime

So many school children are entering their final weeks of scheduled activities and many parents are looking for activities for summer fun. Here's an idea to get your summer on track. Buy a bag of starter mix, a set of peat pots and assorted flower seeds. Fill  each peat pot with the starter mix, plant  seeds according to instructions on the packet and then apply water. Set the peat pots in the sun and see what happens. Mark your calendar the day you planted and water and watch for signs of growth each day. Record on your calendar the first day you see any growth.

Within days of sowing the seed,  flowers will sprout. Locate a place in your garden, yard or purchase a large pot to transplant the new flowers in so that they can mature.

When it's time to harvest your flower crop note that on your calendar. For fun count the days it took from  sowing seed to harvest time. Next year use this as a guide for planting.

Sounds simple and it is; it's also a great way to teach your children about horticulture.

For more fun activities in horticulture,  check out our Louisiana 4-H Club House series on plants. Click here.

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