Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pay to Play on the Farm

Recent changes in the way people travel can also benefit farmers. Reportedly, 30% of tourists say they “seek knowledge” on vacations. These travelers would enjoy the experience of talking with a farmer and better yet working alongside the farmer. They want to return home and share with friends their experiences of plowing a field, harvesting a crop or herding livestock. There is no need to create an experience, tourists are quite happy to “experience” the everyday real life of a farmer or rancher. Having guests share their experiences verbally with others is a great way to market your business.  Better yet, with your permission, if they share via social media sites, your marketing potential increases.

Charge for these experiences, tourists are willing to pay for the added value.  Daycares and summer programs for children are constantly looking for summertime opportunities to add to their calendar of events. Enjoying a day on the farm might be just the type of program to encourage parents to sign up with a particular daycare.

Finally, work with others to create more tourism opportunities focused on agriculture. The more opportunities, the more tourists travel to your area. 

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