Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Are You Creating A Memory on Your Farm?

I recently ran into an old childhood friend and our conversation quickly turned to reminiscing
about the good old days. Growing up  I lived on a farm  and everyone loved to come for a visit. Although, I did not know the term, agritourism, at the time,  I knew that people liked to visit and ridehorses, fish, play in the hay loft and feed
our animals. No one ever left our farm empty handed either. We had year-round gardens and we allowed people to experience the now popular "farm to table" movement.

Those memories are what stood out in my friend's mind, not the clothes we wore or the overnight stays, but the fun of riding in our  rodeo wagon and galloping up the hill to the barn on our pair of palimino horses.
Memories are what sell farm tours, think about what memories you can share with your customers.

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