Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Agritourism Educates Everyone About Agriculture

My office is at a research station and last week one of our farm neighbor's pot bellied pig got out and was rooting along our research station fence row.  We are located on a major highway and many motorists stopped to tell us that our cow was out. We are in a rural area, but so few people own or live on a farm, therefore they did not know a pig from a cow.

We laughed about that last week and today I open an e-mail from Jane Eckert of Eckert AgriMarketing and she has some funny stories that have been shared with her. Below are just a few:

The pumpkin field was running low in late October and a customer asked the farmer - "will you be planting more for next weekend?"

We love your maze and would like to come back in February on my birthday. Will the corn still be green?

A family complained that there was no water fountain inside the corn maze.

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