Thursday, September 17, 2015

Agritourism Professionals Must Be Experts in Hospitality

As an agritourism professional, each time to open your gates to guests it should be like opening your front door to guests in your home. Guests want to feel special. So, take the time to give them attention and they will return.  

Hospitality Tips:

1-Your guests first impression is important.  Make sure that your agricultural operation is as clean and organized as a working agricultural operation can be. If the tractor broke down, put it in the barn, seeing a tractor in need of repair with parts strewn everywhere might make the guest question safety.

2-Be at the entrance waiting for your guests arrival. Greet them with a hello and a handshake and thank them for coming.

3- Give them directions to the  restrooms and ask them to meet up at a given location at a specific time. Example: At 10 o'clock we will meet in front of the red barn.  If the group is children, relay this message to all the adults and ask for their help.

4-Train your staff to be kind to guests by listening to their needs and solving their problems.  For example, if someone has a physical disability allow them to ride in an all terrain vehicle or allow them to drive their own vehicle.

5-Apologize to guests when things don't go as planned.

5-Provide clear instruction and post signs where needed to help guests stay on the right path.

6-When they prepare to leave, thank them again for coming.

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