Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ted Eubanks with Fermata Provided Insights to Group

Recently in Michigan, Ted Eubanks, founder and President of Fermata, Inc., provided some helpful information to those of us promoting experiential tourism. He said that stories represent experiences that people will travel for. So, let's think of the stories we want people to tell of their visits to our agritourism operations.

What could some of our stories be?
-  I rode horseback through a forest and had a meal by the campfire.
-  I caught a fish at the pond and cleaned it.
-  I slept in a cabin in the middle of the woods.
-  I had fun in the corn maze.
-  I milked a cow.
-  I watched the cheese making process.
-  I picked peas and then cooked them and had them for a meal.
-  I shot my first deer or squirrel.

You get the idea, it's the stories about the experiences.

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