Monday, September 2, 2013

Farm To Table Events in Colorado

In Colorado, Rock Bottom Ranch is experimenting with agritourism by offering meals that come straight from the land. The agricultural nonprofit, Rock Bottom Ranch, owned and operated by the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies hosted two farm-to-table dinners this summer with a third booked for September.

Farmer, chef and ranch manager Jason Smith believes this type of activity is a way to connect people with locally grown, farm fresh foods from the area. Tours of the farm give insight into where the food on the table originates from and the work that goes into those products.  

 How much will people pay? Smith kept the menu a secret for the first two dinners and charged $75 for the first and $90 for the second; he has not set the price of the third. The first two dinners sold out within days.
What a great idea!

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